Spontaneous drumming in one rhythm

We offer drumming sessions where all participants are drum players who drum in one rhythm to relax and release themselves from stress. During our sessions we will together create a great show full of rhythm and dynamic music, where you can sense team spirit and teamwork. With us you have... Read More

Spontaneous drumming – pulse for your business

Do you think that it is not possible to make any change? Do you think that it is not possible to develop your employees’ potential? If the answer is “Yes” then do not read more. If you believe that there is always some scope for innovation, development of your employees’... Read More

Offer for schools: from nursery to high schools, camps included

What can you expect? We offer an uncommon experience with African djembe (drums), shamanic drums, rattles, pipes etc. Your students will be taught how to play these instruments, they will also find out how to work with their voice, which is unique instrument everyone has. Those interested can dance with... Read More

Celebrations in the rhythm of the drums

Spontaneous drumming, dancing and singing are activities everyone can do! Make your colleagues and friends happy and contented! Let's celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary or just a nice day surrounded by your friends and in the rhythm of the spontaneous drumming, dancing and singing. Our group “Hudebně taneční skupina Sueneé”... Read More


Hi all, I’m Sueneé, I’ve been the heartbeat of the group Hudebně taneční skupina Sueneé since 2009. As it’s a pleasure for me to connect people who have something in common – who share love and passion for music, singing, dancing and rhythm – I have created a safe place... Read More