Hi all, I’m Sueneé, I’ve been the heartbeat of the group Hudebně taneční skupina Sueneé since 2009. As it’s a pleasure for me to connect people who have something in common – who share love and passion for music, singing, dancing and rhythm – I have created a safe place for people who want to play in drum circles, dance and sing spontaneously. Everyone can join us and become a part of an orchestra at one or more drum sessions. During our drum sessions we:
  • encourage people to be themselves while they are drumming, singing, dancing or just listening
  • give people free hand in their own creativity in playing, singing and dancing
  • create a bridge between contradictory people´s feelings, such as “I’m not good enough to play!” and “Yes! I’m a great player! I like it!”
  • form a cooperative team of drum players and singers from individuals who are in the same place at the same time
At the end of the drum session there is a big drumming orchestra with vocal chorus, which is breathing in one rhythm. It’s a great experience of feelings and interconnection. I make people and myself happy through the music, which comes out from our souls. Motto of all drum sessions is: “Take it easy, no stress – uncovering of unsuspected potential in everyone of us is truly fun for all who take part in that. Just feel free and be yourself!”

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