Spontaneous drumming – pulse for your business

Do you think that it is not possible to make any change? Do you think that it is not possible to develop your employees’ potential? If the answer is “Yes” then do not read more. image005-222x150


If you believe that there is always some scope for innovation, development of your employees’ potential, creation of originative atmosphere and creativity of your employees, then you are on the right place!

What we bring is a product that has been omitted so far. It is a great tool for consolidation of human potential and personal development, it helps to raise the feeling of employees’ solidarity with the company, it contributes to teamwork and it has positive effects on cooperation within a team. “The tool” I am speaking about is Spontaneous drumming.

 Our program will bring to your employees:

  • reduction of stress, breakthrough of various barriers
  • development of teamwork, intuition and creativity
  • removal of emotional blocks and fears
  • development of self-activity within a team, increase of intuitive and logical thinking

 And what are the benefits for your company?

  • satisfied, strong and loyal employees
  • possibility of regeneration for employees
  • development of employees’ solidarity with the company
  • support of corporate culture and spirit

Spontaneous drumming is “the tool” suitable for every company that wants to have healthy atmosphere in its teams and that wants to work with maximal effectivity with its employees’ inner potential.

Satisfied and confident employees = attractive company and its services and products = satisfied customer

For more information, please, contact Ing. Jan Sueneé Marek, phone number 777 703 008, email: info@spontannibubnovani.cz . If needed, I will be very happy to give you more details and to make short presentation during our non-binding meeting.

We are looking forward to you!!


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