Spontaneous drumming in one rhythm

We offer drumming sessions where all participants are drum players who drum in one rhythm to relax and release themselves from stress. During our sessions we will together create a great show full of rhythm and dynamic music, where you can sense team spirit and teamwork.

With us you have the opportunity to reward your employees for their labour or to show your business partners also a little bit different face of your company – you can relax with them in very unconventional and engaging way. Our program is very catchy as it is interactive. We can also become part of your workshop, teambuilding activity or company party. The activity we offer is something new on “employees´ programs” market.

We have enough drums available – there will be one African djembe for each member of the group. You will learn how to play on djembe and through it how to realise your inner creative potential in teamwork.

The aim of this program is to give you the possibility to experience something new, relax yourself and have a great time.

The specialty of this program is the performance of our professional belly-dancer who will dance in the rhythm which will be created by all of us during this drumming session.

As for participants of the drumming session we do not think they should have any previous experience with playing drums, singing or with music at all. The entire musical piece will be created due to our brainwaves and improvisation at the drumming session and it will be result of our collective effort.

The above described program is suitable for 30 people.

The length of the program is 2 hours.

Are you interested?

That is great! We are ready to send you more details about concept of the drumming session. We are also ready to adapt the program to your wishes so as it fits to you and your needs and requirements as much as possible.

If you are interested, please, do not hesitate and contact us!

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