Offer for schools: from nursery to high schools, camps included

What can you expect?

We offer an uncommon experience with African djembe (drums), shamanic drums, rattles, pipes etc. Your students will be taught how to play these instruments, they will also find out how to work with their voice, which is unique instrument everyone has. Those interested can dance with our belly-dancers.

What makes our offer conductive just to your school and your students?

The sound of rhythmic musical instruments and musical instruments themselves are very close to human being – especially rhythmic musical instruments are part of human history from its very beginning and they have rich tradition especially in Africa (Mali) and Mesopotamia. Till these days they are also very frequently used by American Indians. The origin of pipes we play is in Slavic culture.

Spontaneous drumming, dancing and singing are entertaining activities everyone can do. Each of your students can join us and very quickly become an integral part of bigger group of drummers and musicians. This group will create in a while one “living organism”, which pulsate in common rhythm.

Spontaneous drumming, dancing and singing support and unite group of engaged people. It is a very effective way of teaching students to communicate with each other and to express their emotions, feelings and moods.

It is not necessary for students to learn notes. Experienced lecturer will take students through this world of rhythms from their first steps to their own inspiration and he will encourage them to make experiments.

How many students can join the lesson and how long is one lesson?

Our offer is intended both for individual classes and for students from more different classes. It is also suitable for camps or we can join some of your after-school activities.

We recommend the lesson to last from 60 to 120 minutes, but you can be sure, that we will adapt the exact time and program to the age of students in each group and to your time possibilities.

Are you interested? Do you need more information?

Please, do not hesitate and contact us!

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